My Story

My Personal Side

  • Married to my partner in life Garry for over 40 years
  • Mother to two adult children Geoffrey and Krista and Grandmother to Jacob, George and Annaleigh
  • I consider being a mother and grandmother one of life's greatest gifts
  • Love to continually learn new things and challenge my limitations
  • Enjoy travelling and partaking in the local food and wine
  • Love the outdoors and being active in sports such as golfing, skiing, biking, and swimming
  • Thoroughly enjoy watching live music concerts even though I have no musical talent
  • Passionate about cooking, food and sharing meals with family and friends
  • Have a flair for design, colour, fabric and making quilts
  • Love to read and discuss books with friends
  • Value relationships and strive to be a good listener and friend

My Professional Side

  • A teacher and elementary school principal for over 20 years
  • Re-educated in my 30's to realize my goal of teaching
  • Prior to teaching, worked in retail management and banking

My Passionate Side